Avoiding reinstalling

Avoiding reinstalling

Windows 8 will contain a new feature that allows you to refresh your computer. Known as “Refresh your PC”, it will keep all personal data, Metro style apps, and important settings from the PC, and reinstall Windows. So in other words it makes reinstalling easier. In a way it’s a tacit admission that sometimes Windows … Read more

Do you still restart after uninstalling?

restart after uninstalling

One of the most frustrating parts of uninstalling software is the restart prompt that sometimes appears at the end. The user wants to get rid of some piece of software but now the software wants to restart the system to complete the uninstallation. Most of the times the reboots are actually not even necessary. In … Read more

Programs and Features vs Install Monitor

The built-in way to uninstall software in windows is through Programs and Features, formerly known as Add/Remove programs. Programs and Features provides a list of installed programs and allows you to uninstall them. The information it provides about what programs are installed is registered when an application installs itself. The minimum information a program needs … Read more