What are the steps that you should take to protect from malware attacks?

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As we navigate the ubiquitous world of information through the internet almost always using a web browser, we sometimes don’t consider how web browsers could be a bridge for malware and virus attacks. Although most browsers are equipped with plug-ins that could secure from potential malware intrusion, there are additional steps you could take to … Read more

Heartbleed Alert! Stop Transactions for now!

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“Stop all transactions for now!” This is the statement issued by Mike Lloyd, CTO of Redseal , in reference to the emergence of the latest bug to hit the internet – “Heartbleed” bug. What is Heartbleed? This is a flaw in OpenSSL that allows hackers to steal potential data without being detected. This includes: Passwords … Read more

What’s the Difference between Malware, Viruses and Spyware?

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The word malware is a combination of two words “malicious” and “software”. It is a generic term used to describe any hostile and intrusive software/programs including adware, spyware, worms, Trojans, and viruses normally targeted by software like Kaspersky, McAfee, and AVG. While all these infections harm our computers, they are not the same. Malware is … Read more