How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Slow Computer?

Control and Monitor Performance

Inevitably, everyone faces the same problem that you do: your computer is incredibly, unbearably, impossibly slow. When did this happen? Why, it seems like just yesterday you powered up your computer for the first time and were immediately greeted a by clear, crisp desktop that responded immediately to all of your desires. Webpages loaded seemingly … Read more

How Often Should You Clean Your Hard Drive?

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We see our dentist twice a year to have our teeth cleaned, but how about your hard drive; how often do you have it cleaned? Should you even bother cleaning it? Hard Drive 101 Before we even delve into cleaning hard drives, let us first clarify what it is? A hard drive, also known as … Read more

What are the steps that you should take to protect from malware attacks?

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As we navigate the ubiquitous world of information through the internet almost always using a web browser, we sometimes don’t consider how web browsers could be a bridge for malware and virus attacks. Although most browsers are equipped with plug-ins that could secure from potential malware intrusion, there are additional steps you could take to … Read more

Beware of Piracy Websites as Potential Cause of PC Malware Infiltration

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Almost everyone would want to download free online shows and movies like: Game of Thrones Black List Hunger Games But are you aware that these may bring malware to your PC? Piracy Websites and the Malware Connection In a report shared by Michael Hatamoto of Hacking and Security News, he mentioned that “a whopping 90 … Read more

Protect Your Computer from Viruses and Hackers, Today!

Bit Rot and Data Decay

You must have heard the phrase, “Protect your computer!” several times over, especially after the discovery of Heartbleed. However, do you really know how to protect it from viruses and hacker attack? How to Protect Your Computer from Cyber Harm Turning On Your Firewall Protection Install an antivirus software Install an antispyware technology Ensure that … Read more