Beware of Piracy Websites as Potential Cause of PC Malware Infiltration

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Almost everyone would want to download free online shows and movies like:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Black List
  • Hunger Games

But are you aware that these may bring malware to your PC?

Piracy Websites and the Malware Connection

Piracy Website and Malware
Stop and Think before you download or watch anything from a piracy website

In a report shared by Michael Hatamoto of Hacking and Security News, he mentioned that “a whopping 90 percent of the top 30 most visited Internet piracy websites in the United Kingdom contained some form of malware or “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs) to compromise user systems.”

Another report published by The Industry Trust shares the same revelation,

“… virtually every one of the most popular sites used to download or stream pirated films and TV shows are riddled with malware or credit card scams — a staggering 97 percent. The report goes on to suggest that 75 percent of people who have made use of such a site have then experienced problems with their computers. The study was limited to 30 of the most frequently used pirate sites, and monitored them over a two week period. Just one site was found to be free from malware or credit card scams.”

How Does This Happen?

Malware Disguised in Play Button
Don’t be tempted to hit the play button

Piracy websites trick users into believing that they can download movies free, without inflicting any harm on their PC. This incautious individual know very little that each time they hit the play button, malware is unscrupulously inserted into their system. As a result, visitors who have visited piracy websites experience:

  • Loss of personal data
  • Exposure to unwanted violent or explicit materials
  • Virus infection
  • Inundated pop-ups

How to resolve this?

Be very careful in clicking links found in malicious websites, including piracy websites. Remember that it is better to be very cautious rather than put down your guard.

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Surprise, surprise — almost every piracy website features cyber scams