Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 Now Available in Windows App Store

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Great news everyone! Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 is now available in Windows App Store. Feel free to download it and start experiencing the following conveniences:

  • Prevent your program from starting unnecessarily for absolute impact on startup performance
  • See the programs that have been installed together
  • Gain more information about your existing programs
  • Directly start your programs

TechVine Review of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2

TechVine Review of Mirekusoft
TechVine gives Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2 a fantastic review

TechVine is a dedicated website committed to provide unbiased software reviews, how-to-guides and tech tips. We take pride with what they have to say and here is an excerpt of it,

“This feature (program tree) is probably one of the most handy and most powerful. The Program Tree allows you to see the exact impact a program has on your PC and the registry that its currently utilising. As a result, when you remove a program, it isn’t leaving behind any registry keys that may create a security risk.”

“Overall this is a powerful little too that can help you keep track of your programs, add security as well as peace of mind in knowing that when you remove something from your PC it is banished into oblivion! With a simple to use interface and powerful features this is definitely one program to add to your collection.”

Mirekusoft Install Monitor is free for personal and home use. However, it can be conveniently downloaded at Windows App Store for the following rates:

Premium – $24.99

Standard – $11.99

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