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    I had multiple problems with this program in past, it deletes random files… I close all programs, so there is nothing running in background. But still. I was uninstalling Visual Studio and then after I re-open Firefox all my tabs were gone and it wanted to install addons I had again. I don’t know what else it could be, it happened just after I uninstalled Visual Studio and had no problems with tabs in Firefox long time. Last time it deleted all games in folder, or rather moved them to some weird folder in Windows… I read these programs don’t work, because it has no way of knowing what is installer doing. Some write happens from some other program, there is good chance it will pick that up…


    Hi empleat,
    Thanks for providing your feedback. Install Monitor will associate a change with the program that made it. It shouldn’t be random. I would need more details on the sequence of actions to get an idea for what happened. However, I would recommend a couple of best practices. Please review the Program Cleanup list before selecting OK. Install Monitor only removes the items that are selected. If there are things you don’t want to remove or unsure about you can unselect them or even cancel the dialog. You can also bring it back later if you have the Programs view set to show uninstalled programs. You can also turn on the System Restore option for program cleanup. If you have folders outside of the user profiles you want excluded from cleanup you can add them to the excluded folders in Options|Uninstaller.
    We are looking at ways of improving and simplifying this both from a user experience perspective and making the software smarter.


    That is not true. So far there is no program, which is unfallible. I restored from backup, I can’t provide more details sorry. Reviewing cleanup list doesn’t help much, there are many registry paths, who knows what they are for. Many times google doesn’t even find anything!!! Also that is too much stuff to review every time!

    With system restore it is problem:
    – it takes too much space, otherwise restore points get overwritten too quickly
    – you would have to also do a restore point before you install program (otherwise you can’t remove it later, if uninstall will cause problems!)
    – if you have to do restore point, you will lose a lot of data and system settings, which is annoying
    – restore point also doesn’t have to help! So then you have to restore from backup!

    This is too problematic for me!

    I try in the first place use portable programs and don’t install garbage. Maybe I use this along with backup, when I want to try some program and delete it afterwards, if I don’t like it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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