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Cyber Alert! Samsung and Windows 8 Loaded with Bloatware

You must be extremely happy to receive your new Samsung S3, S4, S5 and Windows 8 PC, laptop, tablet or computer. You should! After all, these are excellent mobile gadgets and devices. However, do you know these are loaded with bloatware?

What is a bloatware?

Bloatware is a slang term for numerous programs that are pre-installed on new PCs. It refers to software that has unnecessary features that use large amounts of memory and RAM.”

Samsung and Bloatware Issues

Samsung S5 still suffers from bloatware

Is there also bloatware in Samsung S5?

In one of the articles published by Combofix, it was highlighted that Samsung Galaxy S4 users have raised a number of complaints about the performance of their devices, and this can be traced back to bloatware issues. Although the S4 is advertised as having 16GB of internal memory, around 7GB of this is taken up by pre-installed apps and software.

As a result these unwanted apps have:

  • Slowed down Samsung Android’s performance causing it to freeze and suffer from crash problems
  • Battery life is reduced due to these bloatware constantly running in the background of their device.

Is it wise to pay $99 just to get rid of bloatware?

Bloatware in Windows 8

Do you know that bloatware is present in Windows 8?

In response to the bloatware problem, Microsoft offers $99 for a CD clean-up disc that would perform a clean reinstall to your PC.

This is very ironic!

Why should you pay $99 for something that you haven’t requested to be installed to your computer in the first place?

Mirekusoft Install Monitor – the Better Alternative

Mirekusoft Install Monitor to Uninstall Programs

Uninstall programs efficiently with Mirekusoft Install Monitor

Rather than purchasing the $99 CD offered by Microsoft, it is better to purchase a cost effective program remover – Mirekusoft. For only $11.99 for Standard License and $24.99 for Premium License, you get not only an uninstall software that helps you get rid of these bloatware, but it also provides you with:

  • Startup Monitor
  • Program Tree
  • Program Process Viewer
  • Program Scanner

This is equivalent to as much as $87 savings. Learn more about Mirekusoft by visiting our Products Page.

Visit the Windows App Store to download Mirekusoft or go to our Download Page. Free 30 day trial now period available.


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Avast Survey Shows Men More Susceptible to Mobile Malware

Smartphones has become a very helpful device for most individuals, sadly it has also been prone to mobile malware attacks, especially men. How should you safeguard yourself against these types of mobile attacks?

Most Common Uses of Smart Phones

Smartphones has is more than a tool for calling and messaging. It has become a very useful tool for:

  • Making purchase transactions
  • Researching online trends, products and information
  • Updating social profiles such as Facebook, Twtter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Youtube

Some of the Worst Mobile Malware of the Past Decade

According to Information Week , 1/3rd of Android users are most likely to fall prey to mobile security threats and here is a list of some of the worst mobile walware attacks:

  • Remove mobile malware with reliable software

    How to remove malware from mobile phones

    Fake Banking Apps

  • Android.PJappsM
  • AndroidOS.FakePlayer
  • DroidDream
  • Android.Bgserv
  • GGTracker
  • DroidKungFu

Men Vs Women, Who is More Susceptible to Android Malware Attacks

Are women wiser smartphone users?

Why are men more susceptible to smartphone malware attack

In one of the surveys conducted by Avast, the infamous antivirus company learned that 1:10 correspondents have experienced mobile malware attacks. Interestingly, 36% of these are men.

Facts and Figures Gathered by Avast

These are some of the findings that they have gathered:

  • 50% of respondents don’t back-up their current mobile apps
  • 34% haven’t installed anti-virus or anti-theft programs on their phones
  • 80% are mostly concerned of losing their data


How to Protect Yourself against Smartphone Malware Attacks

Experts recommend that mobile users use malware protection on their smartphones as well as with their other gadgets such as laptops, computers and tablets. This is extremely helpful in shielding yourself against potential mobile phishing and data theft. Some of these protection tips include:

mobile malware attack

How to protect your phone from malware attack

1. Keep your operating systems up to date
2. Fully encrypting your devices by setting a strong password
3. Install reliable apps and software such as Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 for additional security measure
4. Avoid downloading suspicious applications such as BBM app
5. Refrain from using pirated apps, aside from being illegal it poses great threat on your device


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Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 Now Available in Windows App Store

Great news everyone! Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 is now available in Windows App Store. Feel free to download it and start experiencing the following conveniences:

  • Prevent your program from starting unnecessarily for absolute impact on startup performance
  • See the programs that have been installed together
  • Gain more information about your existing programs
  • Directly start your programs

TechVine Review of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2

TechVine Review of Mirekusoft

TechVine gives Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2 a fantastic review

TechVine is a dedicated website committed to provide unbiased software reviews, how-to-guides and tech tips. We take pride with what they have to say and here is an excerpt of it,

“This feature (program tree) is probably one of the most handy and most powerful. The Program Tree allows you to see the exact impact a program has on your PC and the registry that its currently utilising. As a result, when you remove a program, it isn’t leaving behind any registry keys that may create a security risk.”

“Overall this is a powerful little too that can help you keep track of your programs, add security as well as peace of mind in knowing that when you remove something from your PC it is banished into oblivion! With a simple to use interface and powerful features this is definitely one program to add to your collection.”

Mirekusoft Install Monitor is free for personal and home use. However, it can be conveniently downloaded at Windows App Store for the following rates:

Premium – $24.99

Standard – $11.99

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Cyber Criminals to Create Havoc also in Television, Is This for Real?

Brace yourselves! Cyber criminals developing computer virus may soon launch an attack using your Smart Television.

Cyber Criminals Set to Strike Smart TV

If you love TV that much, then be prepare for a possible virus attack

Yes! “This is most likely to happen,” says Eugene Kapersky, Co founder of Kapersky lab, and we should be prepared to address this concern when it strikes our homes and offices.

Television, Computers and Cyber Criminals in UK

“In a survey conducted in May 2013, 50 percent of all British consumers were found to like the idea of getting online content with the use of their TVs. Early this year, 13 percent of the British population have Internet-connected smart TVs through a set-top box or integrated technology. In 2016, about 100 million homes in the U.S. and the Western Europe are expected to have one TV connected to the Internet.

Though it has yet to receive confirmed reports of virus penetrating TV sets, Kaspersky still says Internet-connected TVs will soon be vulnerable to malicious software that already brought about damages to desktop and laptop devices and now starts to attack mobile phones, too.”


Television may be the next target of Cyber criminals, but for now it is best you safeguard your computer and laptops from potential cyber-attack. Download Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0, today and be selective of the files you install into your computer.

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Should you use off-site data backups

It’s rare to ever thoroughly thinks on the true value of data in our computer. Our life continues rather smoothly at work and at home as long as our data is readily available to us. Should it be your work documents that you’ve been toiling away or vacation pictures with your family, or your client’s data, these information is critical for us in many ways. However, we don’t think about how critical these information is until we reach that moment that these data becomes unavailable to us. Anyone will agree that data must be protected through reasonable means. Backing up files protects your data from from accidental, malicious and/or general hardware failures that would result in crucial data loss.

Its time you back up your files

Save Yourself from the Trouble| Back up your files

Off-site data backup on the other hand turns ‘data backup’ a notch higher by sending critical
data out of the main location [out of the main site] for disaster recovery.
This article will describe in a nutshell why all businesses (large + small) and individuals should highly consider implementing off-site backup.

Accident! I Think My File Have Been Deleted

When important files get deleted accidentally, or hardware on a workstation or server fails,
invaluable data is lost to the business and with regard to invested time and resources; damage to departments may even be irreversible. At this point, data backup comes in play; the  to restore lost or corrupt data from local storage media such as a backup external drives
would save the situation with minimum loss turning the tragedy into a mere inconvenience.
However, in a case where the disaster associated is an act of God’ or nature (earthquakes, fire, tornadoes, etc.) and affects the local greater region—things can escalate from bad to worst with loss of both hardware AND data.

The Importance of Off-Site Backup

This is where off-site backup becomes an important consideration, the goal of which is placing some or all of your backup data elsewhere out of harm’s way. [Away from the site of operations]

Things to look out for when choosing an off-site data backup provider
1. Reliable software for automating the process
2. Storage plans that have capacity for your needs
3. Detailed and accurate backup reporting tools
4. An easy to use and as close to foolproof as possible backup application
5. Simple recovery procedure in case of disaster
6. Secure file transfer protocols and possibly with encryption
7. 24/7 support
8. Free trials are always a good sign of confidence in the part of the provider
9. Automated version updates and tracking
10. E-mail alerts

In our future articles on this subject of backup, we will describe in detail the benefits of off-site backup and the major benefits and advantages over other forms of backup. Otherwise, learn why it is important to uninstall programs. Click here.

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