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Improve PC Performance by Reducing the Amount of Running Programs

One of the best ways to improve pc performance is to reduce the amount of running programs. This can often result in a significant improvement to your PC or laptop system performance. Mirekusoft Install Monitor provides several useful features for improving your computer’s performance. (Image below take from Stuart Miles/

Improve PC Performance

Improve PC Performance by Reducing the Amount of Running Programs

Introducing Two New Features of Install Monitor

Startup Monitor helps by allowing you to reduce the amount of programs that start automatically. Many programs start automatically when they do not need to. Also some programs continue to run after you exit them. However using two new features in Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 it is possible to further reduce the amount of programs that are running at any time. These features help to combat programs that are always running even if they do not need to.

Start a Program from the Program List

start up monitor

How Start Up Monitor Works

One of these feature is the ability to start a program from the program list and is just one of the changes from Mirekusoft Install Monitor 1.1. The right pane no longer shows shortcuts that can allow you start a program. However by right-clicking a program, you are now provided with a “Start” menu option that allows you start that program.

How does this work?

Technically what happens is that Install Monitor will try to figure out the correct shortcut to start based on installed shortcuts. In most cases, it will automatically and correctly guess the program to start. If it can not guess it, it will present you with a list of shortcuts similar to the right pane in Version 1.1.

Additional Benefits

  • Works with Startup Monitor to start any background services required for the program, which is similar to the trigger start services feature in Windows 7.
  • Provides another way to start programs on Windows 8 due to the missing Start Menu on the desktop.
  • Alternative to the searchable Start Menu on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

TIP:This feature can be useful for programs that you rarely use but need to run every so often.

Ensure the Program Stops Running After Exiting

When you exit the program you can also use the Program Process Viewer to make sure it is no longer running and all related processes are shutdown. When used together the result is:

  • Less processes running
  • More responsive computer

Sample Scenario

For instance some of my applications that I use are run infrequently. Instead of having the program always starting I disable it with Startup Monitor and then when I need to run it I start it from the program list.



The right pane in Install Monitor 1.1 shows shortcuts for the current program.



In Install Monitor 2.0 you can start programs from the right-click menu in the program list.

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How to Identify Unknown Programs with the Program Tree

Program Tree is one of the new features provided by Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0. It displays installed programs grouped by other programs they were installed with.

What Benefit Will I Get From It?

This can be useful in:

  • Finding out how a program was installed on your computer
  • Seeing if programs are related

What is a Bundleware?

It is easy to install a program and not realize you are installing something else that has been bundled with the program you want. This might happen just by not unchecking a couple of buttons. Some badly behaved programs do not even give an option to not install the bundled programs. These bundled programs known as bundleware can be used to generate revenue or even spy on users.


An example of bundleware

How Does the Program Tree Fix Bundleware?

Later on, the user realizes they have something installed they did not want. It may not be obvious how the software was originally installed. With the Program Tree, Install Monitor is able to group together programs based on how these were installed. For instance many large programs include several support programs. With the Program Tree it is easier to see this relationship and remove all programs when uninstalling. The keyboard shortcut for the program tree is Ctrl-B.


With the Program Tree it is possible to see when programs are installed together

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Tips in quickly removing unused programs and files

One of the best ways to speed up a computer and reduce disk usage is by getting rid of programs you no longer need. In fact it is possible you only actively use less than half of your programs. This may be because of preinstalled software or a game or application you installed to run a few times.

How can you decide what programs can be removed?

Tips in removing unused programs and files

How do I know which programs to use?

There are different ways to find programs and items that can be removed that involve some work and guessing. Mirekusoft Install Monitor can make it simpler by giving you more information about programs that are installed. (Image on top taken from Stock Images/

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Makes It Easier and More Convenient

Now Install Monitor provides more information about how you use your programs that can help you in deciding what programs to keep. There are two new columns called “Usage” and “Last Used” that show you how often you use a program and the last time you used the program.

With this information you no longer have to compromise on disk space or guess how much you use a program. This makes it easier to remove programs you are not using.

NOTE: Install Monitor 2.0 also provides a “User” column which provides information about who installed a particular program. This can be useful on systems that have multiple users.

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