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To recap, Mirekusoft Install Monitor simplifies system maintenance by providing an intelligent and complete solution to system maintenance.

Compared to other solutions, which focus on curing the symptons, Mirekusoft Install Monitor is introduced as a preventive solution, allowing for a 100% cleanup. This helps improve the performance and reliability of your system.

Mirekusoft Install Monitor does this through an extra layer of protection to your PC that provides unique benefits. You won’t find this combination of simplicty and power in other software. Consider just a few scenarios:

Scenario 1 Removing unwanted toolbars, windows

You might see a toolbar you don’t recognize while maintaining your own or your friends system. Toolbars often piggyback on software, or are bundled with other unwanted programs. Normally you would hope it will provide an uninstall button or you will be able to recognize it in the Windows Control Panel.

However the situation is different with Install Monitor. Simply click the 1 icon icon in the UI. Follow the instructions provided and hover your mouse on the toolbar that you want to remove. Install Monitor will identify the related program. You can now completely remove the toolbar.

However, before you remove it you might wonder how you got the toolbar. You can use the Program Tree to see what other software was installed with the toolbar on your system. You can identify other potential unwanted progams and remove them from your system. Also knowing how you got the toolbar can help you to avoid getting into a similar situation in the future. This doesn’t work only for toolbars but other windows as well.

2 unwanted toolbar

(Unwanted toolbar)

Scenario 2 Preventing programs like iTunes from slowing down your system

If you have an iPhone, iPod, or other Apple hardware, you likely need to run iTunes on Windows (iTunes was originally designed for the Mac so the Windows version tends to be bloated. We use iTunes as an example but the following applies to any other application). Yet iTunes includes several background processes that you mostly don’t need when you’re not running it. One reason your PC’s performance slows down are processes of unused programs running in the background. How can we prevent them from running when we’re not using iTunes and reduce the performance impact? We’ve previously focused on Install Monitor’s abilty to completely remove things but this is different. What are some of the unique features that can help us out in this case?

3 itunes

(iTunes installs 5 different programs)

Since you already had Install Monitor installed, it would have detected iTunes and its supporting programs. You can easily see the programs installed together in the Program Tree. With the Program Process Viewer, you are able to see how many processes iTunes related programs are running and how much resources they are using.

You can click “End Program” to stop the program from running. It automatically stops related background processes and services. In this case, you can click End Program to stop iTunes from running. But when you restart the computer you will find the same situation again with iTunes running in the background. In addition your computer will be starting slower because of that.

So how do you regain control of your system?

This is where the Startup Monitor comes into play. You can click on Startup Monitor icon 4 iconin the toolbar. Now, you can uncheck the programs that you don’t want to run. In our case, unselect the iTunes related programs and click ‘OK’. That’s all that there is to it! Now these unchecked programs will no longer slow down your system.

Can I start it when needed? Absolutely. A new feature in our newest version of Install Monitor will stop any background processes that are still running after you exit the program. Simply right-click the iTunes program and select “Start”. It will then start as normal.

Of course this works for other programs. I personally use it for programs that I only sometimes need to run. It also works as a good alternative to removing a program if you’re unsure you will need it in the future. This really allows you reduce the performance impact from extra programs running.

Scenario 3 Removing unused programs and free up diskspace

There are times you may need to free up disk space. Software tends to get bigger. Also using less space makes it easier to keep your drive defragmented, which improves perfromance. Solid state drives (SSD) drives are much more expensive and usually have lower capacities. The Windows Control Panel is pretty much useless in this situation. The size information is usually way off and there’s are no accurate indications of how often or when you last used a program. Even if you are able to pick the right program you might not recover all the disk space.

However if you have Mirekusoft Install Monitor installed it becomes much easier to know what to remove. First, the size column gives you a more accurate representation of how much space the program uses. There are columns called “Usage” and “Last Used” that show you how often you use a program and the last time you used the program. Using these columns help you determine the biggest programs that you don’t use often. You can always right-click online to search more information and look at the Program Tree to see what programs were installed with it.

Because of Install Monitor’s protective layer, you’re guaranteed complete cleanup of files and registry.

5 control

Did you know that one of the many unique features of the Mirekusoft Install Monitor is the added protective layer that helps protect against malware? We’ll talk about this in our next post.

A new and improved version

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Do you have any questions/comments about the tips we discussed? What additional areas would you like tips in. You can join the discussion here.

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